New print and online magazine launches for North American produce buyers

Vision Magazine will fill a need in the U.S. and Canadian markets by providing a modern and stylish print publication that provides deeper and more analytical content with a long-term perspective of the fruit and vegetable industry.

By Edward Vernon

A new business magazine focused on offering long term analysis of the produce market for produce industry buyers in the United States and Canada is launching in October.

Distributed to executives of retailers, importers, and other agribusinesses in the U.S. and Canada, the print publication provides engaging content that includes industry leaders’ perspectives, fascinating stories, and expert opinion.

With a modern and styling format, Vision Magazine will both inform and delight, helping industry leaders to take a step back from the day-to-day bustle and reflect on what is to come.

The publication is a product of Yentzen Group, a leader in news, consultancy services and events for the global fresh produce industry. The company founded the popular news websites and and also organizes the Global Cherry Summit, the South American Blueberry Convention, and the Agricultural Water Summit, among others.

Vision Magazine U.S. will be distributed to thousands of produce industry buyers and executives every two months, with the official launch to take place at the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show (previously known as the PMA Fresh Summit) at the end of October.

Gustavo Yentzen, publisher of Vision Magazine and president of Yentzen Group, said: “We conducted in-depth market research with numerous industry leaders, and they told us there is a lack of in-depth content in the produce industry that takes a deep-dive and gives long-term analysis of the market.”

“That is exactly what Vision Magazine will provide, along with leaders’ visions, expert opinion, and fascinating stories from the industry in order to both inform and entertain. We are confident that by differentiating ourselves in this way, we will be the go-to magazine for fresh produce retailers and buyers.”

Edward Vernon, editor of Vision Magazine U.S., said: “Nowadays more than ever it is so important to understand a wide range of perspectives on different issues. We have developed a refreshing and engaging mix of content that we feel will provide great value to readers and teach them something new.”

In the weeks after the publication of each edition, a selection of content will also be published on the magazine’s website, giving it a global audience.

In addition to providing industry leaders’ visions, timely feature articles, fascinating stories and expert opinion, the magazine will also include sections on pricing trends and marketing, with the content provided by varying contributors. There will also be a section providing guidance on managing human resources and financial advice for industry executives.

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