Serving Up Enlightened Hospitality in NYC 1985

Renowned New York restaurateur Danny Meyer talks challenges of the industry, trends he foresees regarding the use of fresh produce, and what keeps him motivated.

Miles Reiter, executive chairman of Driscoll's

“It’s Essential to Make Room for New Leadership”

The recently retired CEO of Driscoll’s — a giant of the berry industry — discusses the organization’s evolution under his 35-year leadership, his vision for the future and the legacy he would like to leave behind.

Raina Nelson, CEO of Westfalia Fruit USA

“Industry Advancement Requires Collaboration”

Raina Nelson heads the North America division of Westfalia Fruit, bringing her unique vision, scientific expertise and vast industry experience.

‘We Must Reshape Perceptions of Produce’

John Anderson has helped transform Oppy from a modest $7 million company to a $1.4 billion global powerhouse, led pivotal industry mergers and balances his corporate success with a passion for aviation.

“The Future of Ag Will Depend on Technology”

Robert Kershaw, CEO of major grower-marketer Superfresh Growers, puts forward his views on what lies ahead for the produce industry.